Education and the Arts

(Policy & Practice in Education series No. 22)

By Beth Dickson

How do the arts and education interact? What is 'arts education' and what it is for? This book takes a broad look at the policy and theoretical contexts of education and the arts, particularly in the context of Scotland's innovative Curriculum for Excellence. Tensions exist between process and product. Is arts education intended to produce artists? Is it a means of producing audiences? Or is it another way to motivate learners? What does 'creativity' mean and how do current definitions impact curricular practice in arts subjects and in subjects not traditionally linked with the arts? In a wide ranging review of the issues and tensions of contemporary policy and practice, author Beth Dickson offers a distinctive analysis of arts education, its purpose, and its role. Education and the Arts will appeal to students, teachers, and policy-makers concerned with the role of arts education. (Series: Policy & Practice in Education - No. 22)

114 pages

Publication Date: 6/23/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781903765807