Dalhuisen on Transnational Comparative, Commercial, Financial and Trade Law Volume 3

Financial Products, Financial Services and Financial Regulation (Fifth Edition)

By Jan Dalhuisen

This is the fifth edition of author Jan Dalhuisen's leading work on transnational and comparative commercial and financial law. Following the fourth edition, the work is divided into three volumes, each of which can be used independently or as part of the complete work. The three volumes cover a wide range of complex topics in the modern law of international commerce, finance, and trade. It is an unrivaled guide for students and practitioners, and all three volumes may be purchased individually or as a single, complete, three volume set. *** "Volume 3: Financial Products, Financial Services and Financial Regulation (Fifth Edition)" - Volume 3 deals with financial products and financial services, with the structure and operation of modern commercial and investment banks, and with financial risk, stability, and regulation, including the fall-out from the recent financial crisis and regulatory responses in the US and Europe.

814 pages

Publication Date: 9/5/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849464536