Chambers' Corporate Governance Handbook

Sixth Edition

By Andrew Chambers

This sixth edition of Chambers' Corporate Governance Handbook ensures that companies in the UK, along with individuals, function within the best practice parameters of corporate governance by simplifying the corporate governance process, keeping the user up-to-date and compliant with best practice. Many firms in the UK have seemingly implemented corporate governance, yet have fallen into collapse and scandal involving their operations. What has gone wrong? The book tackles these issues, placing blame where appropriate, and recommending possible solutions to these problems. It is written from the perspective of the author's many years of practical experience as a director in listed, private, large, small, mutual, NHS, and charity entities. It also draws on the author's experience of belonging to and chairing several audit committees, as well as his special interest and expertise in the treatment of risk management and internal control.

1000 pages

Publication Date: 4/30/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780434827