Chasing Criminal Money

Challenges and Perspectives On Asset Recovery in the EU

Edited by: Katalin Ligeti, Michele Simonato

Why is it still difficult to deprive criminals of their illicit gain? Why and how should law enforcement authorities increase their efforts to recover dirty money? What are the limits of their powers? Asset recovery has become one the main tools and objectives of contemporary criminal justice systems, especially when dealing with organised crime and serious offences. However, it is a relatively new and complex process that includes several phases, such as asset freezing, seizure, forfeiture, and disposal. The EU legislator has been trying for decades to improve the results of the fight against dirty money. Yet, it still encounters several obstacles, often due to the divergent national approaches and legal traditions. Also for this reason, the legal concept of asset recovery calls for the development of a common understanding of the crucial underlying questions, including the respect of fundamental rights. This book addresses several issues concerning the reasons, objectives and scope of national and supranational strategies targeting criminal money, as well as the concrete modalities to overcome its obstacles.

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