EU Liability and International Economic Law

By Armin Steinbach

The book provides both a legal and economic assessment of an increasingly important question for the EU: the question of whether individuals can hold the European Union liable for damages they suffer due to its infringement of international trade law. The issue is timely and topical, as evidenced by the increased number of dispute settlement judgments rendered under World Trade Organization law. This increase in claims means retaliation and incurrence of damages is a material risk faced by companies. In the wider context, the subject raises the question about the effect of international law in the EU legal order and whether violations of international law result in EU liability. By providing both a rigorous case law examination and an economic analysis of the issue, it clearly sets out the EU's liability for any transgressions. Moreover, it also looks at the field of international dispute settlement, which is a key element when securing a remedy for damages.

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ISBN: 9781509901593

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