Equitable Compensation and Disgorgement of Profit

Edited by: Simone Degeling, Jason NE Varuhas

This book considers in detail a number of issues at the forefront of scholarship and legal practice in equitable compensation, including: the relevant causation inquiry for equitable compensation; whether notions of contribution apply to multiple agents; accessorial liability and equitable compensation; the role of discretion in limiting equitable compensation; which wrongs yield equitable compensation. We customarily award equitable compensation for breach of fiduciary duty, but query what other wrongs are remedied by an award and the ambit of this remedy; and the interrelationship between different types of equitable money remedies. In addressing these issues the book includes both doctrinal and theoretical perspectives, and brings together leading equity scholars and judges from across the common law world.

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Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781509901456

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