Pension Sharing in Practice: A Family Law Special Bulletin 2nd Ed

By David Salter

Pension Sharing orders have been part of the toolkit of the British family lawyer for over 18 months. During the last year they have been sought ever more frequently, revealing their benefits and problems. David Salter, a leading expert on this subject, offers timely advice in this extensively revised new edition of Pension Sharing in Practice. He answers questions such as: When is a pension sharing order appropriate? What can I do if the CETV does not reflect the true value of the pension scheme? Does the statutory charge apply to a pension sharing order? How does White v White effect pension sharing? All British practitioners handling this challenging area of work will benefit from the immensely practical advice contained in this book.

175 pages

Publication Date: 1/31/2003
Format: A4 Paper
ISBN: 9780853088462

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