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The New Moon Race (click for enlarged image)

The New Moon Race

Jones, Morris
Published by Rosenberg Publishing
ISBN: 9781877058820
Pages: 184
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The New Moon Race describes the current dramatic progress of space exploration that is being made in China, Asia, and the US. A new space race has broken out in Asia and few geopolitical analysts have understood the reason for this. In the past two years, spacecraft have been launched to the moon by China, Japan, India, and the US. South Korea has suddenly announced lunar plans. China's advanced human spaceflight program is now being challenged by a planned Indian human space capsule. With regional rivalries spilling over into space, the situation is like a repeat of the Cold War space race, but this time the US could lose. China could send astronauts to the moon before the next US missions send them there. The New Moon Race examines this controversial and sensitive subject. Along with its brief history of lunar exploration and research, it contains explosive and fascinating chapters illustrating the strides in space flight made by the Chinese, Indians, and South Koreans, including the chapter China's Lunar Future, which author Morris Jones feels Beijing probably wishes he had not written, due to its analyses of generally hidden activities and plans.

Publication Date:

01 May 2009



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