• Broadening Jewish History

    Broadening Jewish History

    Towards a Social History of Ordinary Jews

    By Todd M. Endelman

    In Broadening Jewish History, author Todd Endelman expands the horizons of modern Jewish historiography by focusing on 'ordinary' rather than exceptional Jews, arguing that what those in the wider Jewish community did or felt does more to deepen our understanding...

    Cloth - 9781904113010 - $ 64.50

  • Gersonides


    Judaism within the Limits of Reason

    By Seymour Feldman

    Gersonides (1288-1344), known also as Ralbag, was a philosopher of the first rank as well as an astronomer and biblical exegete, yet this is the first English-language study of the significance of his work for Jewish thought. Seymour Feldman, the acclaimed translator...

    Cloth - 9781904113447 - $ 59.50

  • Jewish Day Schools, Jewish Communities

    Jewish Day Schools, Jewish Communities

    A Reconsideration

    Edited by: Alex Pomson, Howard Deitcher

    About 350,000 Jewish children are currently enrolled in Jewish day schools, in every continent other than Antarctica. This is the first book-length consideration of life in such schools and of their relationship both to the Jewish community and to society as a...

    Paper - 9781904113744 - $ 29.95

  • Maimonides the Rationalist

    Maimonides the Rationalist

    By Herbert A. Davidson

    Maimonides was not the first rabbinic scholar to take an interest in philosophy, but he was unique in being a towering figure in both areas. His law code, the Mishneh torah, stands with Rashi's commentary on the Babylonian Talmud as one of the two most intensely...

    Cloth - 9781904113584 - $ 64.50

  • Meshal Haqadmoni - Fables from the Distant Past

    Meshal Haqadmoni - Fables from the Distant Past

    A Parallel Hebrew-English Text

    By Isaac Ibn Sahula

    Edited by: Raphael Loewe

    Contributions by: Raphael Loewe

    The wondrous fables of Ibn Sahula in Meshal haqadmoni, presented here in English for the first time, provide a most unusual introduction to the intellectual and social universe of the Sephardi Jewish world of thirteenth-century...

    Cloth - 9781874774563 - $ 99.00

  • The Kabbalistic Culture of Eighteenth-Century Prague

    The Kabbalistic Culture of Eighteenth-Century Prague

    Ezekiel Landau (the 'Noda Biyehudah') and his Contemporaries

    By Sharon Flatto

    Kabbalah, an esoteric lore whose study was traditionally restricted, played a surprisingly prominent and far-reaching role in eighteenth-century Prague. In this book Sharon Flatto uncovers the centrality of this mystical tradition for Prague's~influential Jewish community and its pre-eminent rabbinic authority,...

    Cloth - 9781904113393 - $ 54.50

  • Women and the Messianic Heresy of Sabbatai Zevi, 1666-1816

    Women and the Messianic Heresy of Sabbatai Zevi, 1666-1816

    By Ada Rapoport-Albert

    Contributions by: Deborah Greniman

    Women are conspicuously absent from the Jewish mystical tradition. Even if historically some Jewish women may have experienced mystical revelations and led richly productive spiritual lives, the tradition does not preserve any record of their experiences or insights. Only the chance survival of...

    Cloth - 9781904113843 - $ 64.50