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What we've been up to lately... 

The late spring/early summer conferences-International Congress on Medieval Studies conference in Kalamazoo, MI and the Law and Society are done. Four Courts Press had a great time at the Medieval Studies conference. Their new title Ireland in the Medieval World, AD 400-1000: Landscape, Kingship and Religion was the belle of the ball, with other titles, such as The English Isles: Cultural Transmission and Political Conflict in Britain and Ireland, 1100-1500 garnering a lot of attention.

ISBS attended the recent Law and Society conference, representing such publishers as Eleven International Publishing, Europa Law Publishing  DJOEF, Institute of Art and Law and others. Hart Publishing and Intersentia also personally attended. The conference was busy for all staff as we were presenting such timely titles as Eleven's Identity, Political and Human Rights Culture as Prerequisites of Constitutional Democracy, Hart's Judging Positivism, and Intersentia's Siracusa Guidelines for International, Regional and National Fact-Finding Bodies.

Publisher news...

In May 2014, University of Western Australia Publishing's cookbook Saporito! won ‘Best in the World' in the Italian Cuisine category at the 19th International Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Since reaching the semi-finals of the second ‘My Kitchen Rules' (Australian TV cooking series) in 2011, popular contestants and cousins Daniela and Stefania developed a reputation for raucous banter and hearty cooking which had them nicknamed as the 'Italian mamas.

Patricia Clarke, author of Monash University Press's Eilean Giblin: A Feminist Between the War, has been shortlisted for this year's Margarey Medal for Biography by the Association for the Study of Australian Literature. The biennial award carries a large cash prize and is awarded to the best female author who has published the work judged to be the best biographical writing on an Australian subject in the preceding two years.

What we're up to next...

Our ‘Literature and Literary Criticism' catalogue is due off the presses soon. It is a particularly strong catalogue this year including exciting titles in a wide variety of topics. To mention just a few of the titles featured -- Dare Me! The Life and Work of Gerald Glaskin from Monash UP, The Lake's Apprentice, from the University of Western Australia Publishing, Irish Academic Press's Colum McCann and the Aesthetics of Redemption, and On the Legacy of Maxine Hong Kingston from LIT Verlag.

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In other news ...

During the academic break, one might be spend time travelling far afield. The new edition of Wild Dunedin: The Natural History of New Zealand's Wildlife Capital is here, and this is the perfect guide for those interested in the incredible and varied natural environs of Dunedin. The book, from Otago University Press, covers a range of habitats and landscapes, is loaded with information plants, animals, birds, insects, and geological features, and it is filled with color photographs. Or, for the armchair traveler, you may read this fascinating story of human endurance, also from Otago UP, Among Secret Beauties: A Memoir of Mountaineering in New Zealand and the Himalayas.

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