• Access to the European Union

    Access to the European Union

    Law, Economics, Policies (21st Edition)

    By Nicholas Moussis

    Access to European Union not only provides a comprehensive overview of European integration, but also offers a fresh insight with each revised edition. Thanks to its clear and systematic approach, this twenty-first edition guides the reader through the maze of EU policies. The book throws light upon the European institutions, their raison d'etre,...

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  • Fascism and Criminal Law

    Fascism and Criminal Law

    History, Theory, Continuity

    Edited by: Stephen Skinner

    Fascism has been described as 'the major political innovation of the 20th century, and the source of much of its pain.' Brutal, repressive, and, in some cases, totalitarian, the fascist and authoritarian regimes of the early 20th century, in Europe and beyond, sought to create revolutionary new orders that crushed their opponents. A central...

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  • Free Movement in the European Union

    Free Movement in the European Union

    Cases, Commentaries and Questions (Fourth Edition)

    Edited by: Nina Holst-Christensen, Morten Broberg

    The European Court of Justice continues to deliver a great many important judgments which contribute to the rapid development of EU law. However, it can be difficult to understand the significance of many of these judgments unless they are accompanied by explanatory commentaries. This fourth edition of Free...

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  • India: Bilateral and Regional Economic Co-operation

    India: Bilateral and Regional Economic Co-operation

    By Gautam Murthy

    Prior to the economic reforms process initiated in 1991, India had adopted a very cautious and guarded approach to economic cooperation with other countries in the region. Recognizing that regional economic cooperation would continue to feature prominently in world trade, India engaged with its trading partners/blocks with the intention of expanding its export market and began concluding...

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  • Introducing Astronomy

    Introducing Astronomy

    A Guide to the Universe

    By Iain Nicolson

    We live on a small planet that revolves round an unexceptional star - the Sun - which is one of the hundred billion stars that populate our galaxy. Of the many billions of galaxies that lie within range of our most powerful telescopes, some are so remote that their light has taken more...

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  • On the Legacy of Maxine Hong Kingston

    On the Legacy of Maxine Hong Kingston

    The Mulhouse Book

    Edited by: Sami Ludwig, Nicoleta Alexoae-Zagni

    This book is a collection of recent scholarship on Maxine Hong Kingston, gathered on the occasion of the very first conference ever devoted exclusively to Kingston and to celebrate her opera omnia. Featuring the work of researchers from four continents, the book represents the cosmopolitan reception of the most important Asian...

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  • Political Animal

    Political Animal

    Gore Vidal on Power

    By Heather Neilson

    The late Gore Vidal occupied a unique position within American letters. Born into a political family, he ran for office several times, but was consistently critical of his nation's political system and its leaders. A prolific writer in several genres, Vidal was also widely known - particularly in the US - on the basis...

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  • Religion in the Public Square

    Religion in the Public Square

    Perspectives on Secularism

    Edited by: Renata Uitz

    What is the place of religion and religious convictions in government, politics, and in public life - taking into consideration the need to respect the free exercise of religion? Challenges to existing arrangements of church-state affairs come from many corners of domestic debates and international relations. Probably most spectacularly, it also stems from the...

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  • Stakeholders in Action

    Stakeholders in Action

    Edited by: Rita Cancino, Lise-Lotte Holmgreen

    The relationship between organizations and the communities in which they operate has been the focus of much attention over the past decades, both in real-life organizational contexts and in research. From an organizational point of view, a central concern in this development is the identification of stakeholders and stakeholder roles, which may pave...

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  • The New South Africa at Twenty

    The New South Africa at Twenty

    Critical Perspectives

    Edited by: Peter Vale, Estelle H. Prinsloo

    In this book, some of South Africa's finest academic minds reflect on 20 years of democratic rule in the country. How far have South Africans really come? Is race still an entrenched issue in the country? Why does gender discrimination continue? Why are the poor in revolt? Is free expression under...

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  • The Peony Festival

    The Peony Festival

    By Li Song

    'The Peony Festival' originates from Luoyang, Henan Province of China and is a global carnival gathering that celebrates all kinds of peony plants. This book introduces the ecological and biological features of the peony, the historic and current profile of its birthplace in Luoyang, along with the activities of peony festivals in other regions of China. Many...

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  • Tourism Methodologies

    Tourism Methodologies

    New Perspectives, Practices and Proceedings

    Edited by: Lulu Anne Hansen, Bodil Stilling Blichfeldt, Jane Widtfeldt Meged, Kristian Anders Hvass

    This volume offers methodological discussions within the multidisciplinary field of tourism and shows how tourism researchers develop and apply new tourism methodologies. The book is presented as an anthology, giving voice to many diverse researchers who reflect on tourism...

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