• A Systems Approach to Environmental Management

    A Systems Approach to Environmental Management

    It's not easy being Green

    By Tim O'Higgins, Mohammed Saif Al-Kalbani

    Human activity increasingly dominates the global environment. Effective environmental management - to use, conserve, and maintain natural capital - is a major challenge worldwide. Managing the environment involves juggling a complex set of ecological, economic, and social objectives and priorities, which differ nationally, locally, and regionally. Internationally, there is...

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  • Freedom of Speech under Attack

    Freedom of Speech under Attack

    Edited by: Afshin Ellian, Gelijn Molier

    This book is a 'follow-up' of a book that appeared in 2011 in Dutch. That year saw the trial of Geert Wilders, parliamentarian and party leader of one of the largest political parties in The Netherlands. Central questions were: Should a parliamentarian be allowed more freedom of expression than an 'ordinary citizen'? How...

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  • Human Rights & Human Wrongs

    Human Rights & Human Wrongs

    A Life Confronting Racism

    By Colin Tatz

    Many domains are black and, cruelly, white. In Human Rights and Human Wrongs, Colin Tatz - a world authority on racial conflict and abuse, a key figure in Indigenous Studies in Australia, and an author of major works on genocide, Aboriginal youth suicide, and Aboriginal and Islander sporting achievements - tells his personal story....

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  • Law and Legitimacy

    Law and Legitimacy

    Edited by: Per Andersen, Cecilie Eriksen, Bjarke Viskum

    In many ways, the crucial point about law is the question of whether the law is legitimate, as this ensures that the citizens of a society (voluntarily) obey the law. This book is an anthology arising from an interdisciplinary investigation into the relationship between law and legitimacy. The collection offers...

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  • One Size Does Not Fit All

    One Size Does Not Fit All

    Physical Activity and Mental Health in Adolescents

    By Tommy Haugen

    A growing body of research argues that physical activity in various forms may be beneficial for the mental health of adolescents. However, less is known about why and for whom this relationship is true. This book investigates the role of the self as a possible change mechanism in the relationship between...

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  • Sexual Politics in Modern Ireland

    Sexual Politics in Modern Ireland

    Edited by: Jennifer Redmond, Sonja Tiernan, Sandra McAvoy, Mary McAuliffe

    Contributions by: Maria Luddy

    This innovative collection offers a new understanding of sexual and gender politics in Ireland throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Leading experts in the field contribute to a captivating and controversial debate on sexuality in Irish society, and specifically include explorations of lesbian...

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  • The Atom of the Universe

    The Atom of the Universe

    The Life and Work of Georges Lemaitre

    By Dominique Lambert

    Edited by: Karl Van Bibber

    Contributions by: Luc Ampleman

    This biography takes readers from the early childhood to the last days of Georges Lemaitre, the man behind the theory of the primeval atom, now better known as the Big Bang theory. But, who was Georges Lemaitre? He was a clergyman, a...

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  • The Constitution of Canada

    The Constitution of Canada

    A Contextual Analysis

    By Jeremy Webber

    This book introduces and describes the principal characteristics of the Canadian Constitution, including Canada's institutional structure and the principal drivers of Canadian constitutional development. The Constitution is set in its historical context, noting especially the complex interaction of national and regional societies that continues to shape the country's Constitution. The book argues that aspects of...

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  • The Ice is Melting

    The Ice is Melting

    Ethics in the Arctic

    Edited by: Leif Magne Helgesen, Kim Holmen, Ole Arve Misund

    Contributions by: Jens Stoltenberg

    The ice in the Arctic is melting. Nowhere on Earth can changes in the climate be seen as clearly as here. What is happening? Is the world headed toward catastrophe, or is this only a problem for polar bears and walruses?...

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  • The Privatized Art of War

    The Privatized Art of War

    Private Military and Security Companies and State Responsibility for Their Unlawful Conduct in Conflict Areas

    By Evgeni Moyakine

    In the modern globalized world, so-called private military and security companies (PMSCs) are employed by a variety of actors in times of both war and peace. They perform a plethora of services for not only international organizations, NGOs, and multinationals, but also various...

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  • The Southwest

    The Southwest

    Australia's Biodiversity Hotspot

    By Victoria Laurie

    This book presents, in words and photographs, the southwest region of Australia, a land triangle that encompasses a multitude of natural worlds. One third of all known Australian plant species is found growing in the southwest, and the region has been designated as 'Australia's Global Biodiversity Hotspot,' one of only 34 such hotspots in the...

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  • Youth Work and Faith

    Youth Work and Faith

    Debates, delights and dilemmas

    Edited by: Mark K. Smith, Naomi Stanton, Tom Wylie

    In the UK, following the recent decline in statutory youth work provisions, alongside growth in the faith-based sectors, thinking about youth work and faith is crucial, both to those working in faith-based settings and those working with them as partners or funders. This unique book draws...

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