• Access to Medicines

    Access to Medicines

    The Interface between Patents and Human Rights. Does one size fit all?

    By Jennifer Anna Sellin

    Millions of people worldwide lack adequate access to medicines, particularly in developing countries where resources are scarce, with devastating human, social, and economic consequences. The example of HIV/AIDS - for which treatment has advanced so significantly in the last decade that a diagnosis no longer...

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  • Art of Vesalius

    Art of Vesalius

    Edited by: Robrecht Van Hee

    This book is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564). Experts focus on Vesalius's life and work, the new insights he gave into the anatomy of the human body, and the influence he had on the medical profession throughout the centuries. Special attention is given to the iconography in Vesalius's...

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  • Collected Essays, Volume 2

    Collected Essays, Volume 2

    By Haym Soloveitchik

    In this second volume of his essays on the history of halakhah, author Haym Soloveitchik grapples with much-disputed topics in medieval Jewish history and takes issue with a number of reigning views. His insistence that proper understanding requires substantive, in-depth analysis of the sources leads him to a searching analysis of oft-cited halakhic texts of Ashkenaz, frequently...

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  • Critical Social Policy and the Capability Approach

    Critical Social Policy and the Capability Approach

    Edited by: Hans-Uwe Otto, Holger Ziegler

    The (European) welfare state, as well as the political space of "the social," is currently being reorganized in a fundamental way. This has major implications for any attempt to contribute to a more just or even emancipatory way of shaping "the social." This book discusses what the Capabilities Approach may contribute to the...

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  • Desistance, Social Order and Responses to Crime

    Desistance, Social Order and Responses to Crime

    Today's Security Issues

    Edited by: Joanna Shapland, Jacques de Maillard, Stephen Farrall, Alex Groenemeyer, Paul Ponsaers

    This book contains a selection of criminology papers that were discussed at the second GERN Doctoral Conference in September 2013, organized by the White Rose Consortium of the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield, and York. The book's essays coalesce around three themes:...

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  • Eileen Gray

    Eileen Gray

    Her Work and Her World

    By Jennifer Goff

    Eileen Gray - the renowned and highly influential architect, furniture-maker, interior designer, and photographer - was born in Ireland and remained, throughout her life, an Irishwoman at heart. An elusive figure, Gray's interior world has never before been observed as closely as in this ground-breaking study of her work, philosophy, and inner circle...

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  • Magna Carta Uncovered

    Magna Carta Uncovered

    By Anthony Arlidge QC, Lord Igor Judge

    2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the grant at Runnymede of liberties to the freemen in Magna Carta. The story of how Magna Carta came into being, and has been interpreted since, has more twists and turns than the best soap opera. This book tells the history of Magna Carta in a...

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  • Running Out?

    Running Out?

    Water in Western Australia

    By Ruth A. Morgan

    For nearly 200 years, the visions and aspirations of the people of Australia's west have been characterized by an 'unquenchable thirst.' This book uncovers a fear that has long gripped the region's inhabitants and loomed large on the state's political agenda: the fear of running out of water. This fear has shaped how...

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  • Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis

    Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis

    Edited by: Gerry Kearns, David Meredith, John Morrissey

    Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis focuses on the key political, economic, and social geographies that define contemporary Ireland as it has arisen from the financial crisis. The concept of 'spatial justice' provides a cogent entry point into debates around austerity and social justice, and this book offers a nuanced...

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  • The International Law Concept of Neutrality in the 21st Century

    The International Law Concept of Neutrality in the 21st Century

    An Analysis of Contemporary Neutrality with a Focus on Switzerland

    By Alexander Spring

    Even though 'neutrality' - the non-participation of states in international armed conflicts - is a well-known concept of traditional international public law, its value in the 21st century is disputed. Some regard the concept as obsolete, while others still view it as an important contribution to a peaceful...

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  • Tolkien: the Forest and the City

    Tolkien: the Forest and the City

    Edited by: Helen Conrad-O'Briain, Gerard Hynes

    Despite the popular and scholarly association of J.R.R. Tolkien with the natural world and literary world-building, Middle-earth as a landscape and a built environment has been relatively neglected as the background, the foreground, and the actor in his texts. This study presents new work by some of the finest scholars in Tolkien studies,...

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  • Violence in/and the Great Lakes

    Violence in/and the Great Lakes

    The Thought of V-Y Mudimbe and Beyond

    Edited by: Grant Farred, Kasereka Kavwahirehi, Leonhard Praeg

    This collection is, in the best sense of the term, a homage to Valentin Mudimbe. The festschrift's essays honor the intellectual legacy of Mudimbe - for decades now, one of Africa and the diaspora's most significant minds - by taking up the challenges his...

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